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Friday, December 3, 2010

Mares Puck Wrist Computer Review

The brand new Mares Puck series computers are perfect for divers in need of pure ease. The Puck sports larger digits for simple reading and back-light on demand. It has a single button to easily scroll through the menu options. Keep on your wrist or pop into one of the Puck consoles for optimum mounting options.


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So What Makes the Mares Puck So Easy To USE?

Below is a video review of the of the Mares Puck done by the guys over at Simplyscuba.com

What Are Other Divers Are Saying About The Mares Puck?
The reviews below were taken from Leisurepro.com. These are what actual buyer of this computer had to say about it.
So simple. So good.   Great little computer with a lot to it and simple one-button scroll through. The one drawback is that there doesn't appear to be a way to track your surface interval in the 'logbook' menu without calculating it yourself from dive times and times entered into the water.      By soevVerified Buyer from Vancouver, Canada
Freakin Sweet.    Love this Computer. It is simply to use and has all the functions I need. It is small and not bulky, but the numbers are easy to read and the display is clear. The one button is easy to get used to and now I use it with out thinking about it. The best thing about it is the price. You get a air and EAN computer for half of what some cost, and it is a Mares so you know the quality and workmanship in it will make the computer last. The only reason I did not put cold water or extreme depths is because I have not had a chance to use it in those dives. By LeronsVerified Buyer from Clinton, TN
Easy to use. Dove with one provided by dive shop in Belize. Wife liked it so much that had to get one. Her comment was so simple that she could use it. By Ag DiverVerified Buyer from Minnesota
Great Computer for Recreational Divers. I've used this on six dives so far, ranging from the Bahamas to quarries in the Northeast. It's a great computer for recreational divers. Although the functions are limited in comparison to high-priced models, it offers everything that an average diver would need at a fraction of the cost.Thurman Merman from Pittsburgh, PA 
Questions You Might Have About the Mares Puck?

Q: Does The Puck Come Equipped with a Digital Compass?
A: Sorry, this model does not come with a Digital Compass

Q: How Big is the Puck?
A: The Puck is standard size of most dive computers about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. 

Q: Does it come complete with backlight for night dives?
A: Yes it comes with black light

Q: Is the Puck Nitrox compatible ?
A: Yes, the Puck can handle both air and Nitrox

Q: Is the Puck water activated (automatic) or just manualy activated?
A: You have to activate it by manually pressing the button on the computer

Q: Does this computer have a user replaceable battery?
A: Yes it comes with replaceable battery

Q: Can this be downloaded to a PC?
A: Yes it can down download dive data by using the cable and software

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